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hair --what I have decided
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I gave a hair color update here:

Are you sick of them or would you like another one?  OK, I will give you another one wink  Too keep it short, I went to another hair colorist, showed her a pic, she promised me she would get it the color I wanted.  She even strand tested.  During the process it went too dark so she used some color remover and it is now a strawberry blond--not the intense red I wanted.  I ...give...up. Thankfully it is still very healthy and down below my shoulders.   I think to get what I want I would have to fly to either New York or Los Angeles and hire a super expensive hair colorist who actually knows what they are doing-unlike the ones in my area. I cannot afford that.  Anyway, my husband was so sweet.  He is very supportive of me and does not give me grief over my hair (length or color) or how I dress.  He just lets me be me.  After my latest disappointment, he said "Baby, it is your hair and you do whatever you want with it, but I like it brown just like it was when we got married."  That was so sweet I almost cried    I actually started out 10 years ago dyeing it blond because I had just always wanted to be blond.  The about 4 years ago I started liking red.  It is actually a miracle that my hair is below my shoulders and in great condition.  I  know from past experience that when I keep trying to achieve a certain color with my hair, that it can only take so much and gets dry and brittle and breaks off.  I have decided that I am just going to cut my losses (not my hair)  and go slowly back brown to my natural color--well, the color of my natural color as I have a few gray strands starting to show.  I have never thought it really suited me because I have pale skin and blue eyes.  Then I began to look at the various actresses who have brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin:  Zooey Deschanel and Courtney Cox to name two. Can you think of any more?  I am reaching the point that I am just going to accept the hair  God gave me (with a little coloring of the gray  biggrin) and keep it healthy. I will probably do the coloring myself unless I have trouble covering the gray.   I have always wanted long hair down to my waist and the only way to do that is to keep it healthy.  I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders and I actually feel more like myself when my hair is brown. I think some of the issue is that I am goal oriented.  Once I get something in mind I have to accomplish it, but I have decided accomplishing the goal of having the perfect red hair and  frying my hair in the process is not worth it.   Anyway, just an update and thanks for listening and your help.

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Sorry for your's a process...maybe try different colorists until you are satisfied. So far your color sounds good as per your description.

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