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2013 Style Resolutions
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Time for the annual poll.  I think this is a great way to take stock of how far we've evolved style-wise during the past year and set any goals we might have for 2013.


Here's a

link to last year's poll (or just look a few posts down.  This section doesn't get a lot of traffic during the year.)


Resolutions for 2012:

1) I need to pay attention to age appropriate clothes.  I'm 39 (will be 40 in August!) and need to watch the hemline of my skirts and dresses.  I think that my legs are a good feature on me and like to wear hems that fall a few inches above my knees.  But I also don't' want to be that woman who looks ridiculous because she is dressing way too young for her age.  I've been working towards that sweet spot, which on me is no more than 2 inches above the knee at the most.  I just need to keep reminding myself that wearing  flats and tights DON"T actually make the hem any longer.

I did alright on this.  I'd give myself a B+ (the plus is for effort.)  I purposely asked myself if the hem was too short when I'd try on a new skirt or dress.  This did stop me from purchasing a few pieces.  And I found that some items that I already own didn't get much if any use this year because of the length.  However, 2 or 3 skirts/dresses are still in roation and are on the shorter side.  But since I dress the rest of the outfit approriately, I think I'm OK with that.  I'm 40, after all.  Not dead.wink


2) I want to concentrate more skincare and less actual make up.  I have enough make up.  I need to continue to take care of my skin so that it looks healthy and fit.  I did this in 2011 (my skin looks so much better now than ever before) and want to continue to improve my skin in 2012.


I'd give myself an A on this.  I have continued to take care of my skin and it shows.  I did buy some new makeup, but mainly to refresh my look, not disguise it. 

3) I need to buy a new pair of quality black flats and red flats.  Both on mine are on their last legs, but I can't seem to make myself really search for replacement pairs.  I would like to have at least one of these by the Spring when I can wear flats outside again.


I bought a black pair in September that I'm happy with.  Haven't found a red pair that I like yet.  So maybe a B- ?  Because I honestly didn't really put much effort into a search for a red flat.

4)I need to invest in some new bras.  I was refitted and found that while my cup and band size didn't change, I still need to wear a different brand than I was before for the best fit.  So I need to shell out the $$$ for some really good bras.  I bought one pair at the fitting but I do need to get myself a few more.

I'm giving myself an A+ on this one.  biggrin  I have a drawer of at least 6 bras, three of which are in rotation.  One or maybe two are ready to be replaced soon so now I at least have back ups on hand. 


2013 Resolutions:

1) I want to continue to watch the age appropriateness of my clothing, but not just focus on whether something is too young for me.  I don't want to drive myself so nuts worrying if an item is too young on me, that I only allow myself to dress in solids tops and jeans.  I need to trust my instincts more now that I have produced a few good guidelines to use when shopping to keep myself on the well dressed side of "youth."  I'm developing a feel for when an item that I try on just isn't right for me.  I'd like to keep this up, yet not be so hard on myself that I end up dressing boring. I bought a pair of wedge booties a few months ago and at first felt weird wearing them with skirts, although I loved how they looked on other people.  So I cowboyed up and tried them with tights and skirts a few times.  Now I love that look on me too.   I want to still be Boots.  Just a fabulous one. 


2) I want to work my closet more.  I'm accumulating some quality items and need to actively work them into my wardrobe in interesting ways.  I think that will help with Resolution #1.  I have a v-neck cashmere sweater that I recently bought and it's nice, but very plain on it's own.  I wore it with a shorter a-line skirt, tights and wedge booties Saturday and felt extremely chic.  I need to mix up my pieces more and not just fall back on jeans and a cute top all the time. 


3) I need some cute Spring/Summer tops that aren't t-shirts.  Last year I bought a bunch of v-neck t-shirts in various colors and wore them with everything.  This year, I'd like to find some blouses and tops that look just as easy to wear with summer outfits. 


4) Keep up the hard work on my skincare.  I implemented Vitamin C serum and chemical peels in 2012.  I just recently started with a .30 retinol serum 3 days a week.   My goal is to stay consistent with my routine.  I also want to accept that even the best routine won't stop the aging process and that there is only so much I can do.


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I didn't make any last year but I did accomplish a few things - like get a professional haircut, a good work bag, solved the coat problem, got a few pair of boots to replace the ones that were dying a sad death.

This year I definitely want to see someone about my skin. I keep trying different products but nothing is helping the bumps. I'm going need a few doctor appointments this year so I'll make a dermatologist appointment too. I have health insurance and never bother to use it.

I do need another haircut.

I think closet/shoe purge would be a good idea. I have lots of things that I like but don't wear for some reason. I could simplify a bit. And get rid of things that are too big that I'll never take in.

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with my style. Maybe I'm in a rut!


Marc Jacobs

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Here are my resolutions from last year:

Continue evolving my style. Lately I 've liked classic pieces accesorized with less classic items.
I did this. I give myself a solid A. I do need to replace some basics, but I stayed on task with this one.

Use my damn accessories. I have more than I need

Eh. I did wear more accessories, however, I think I need to weed a bunch out that I never wear. I still see what I'm not using even though I take the time to accessorize everyday. A.

Weed out the old stuff I just don't wear, so I can see what I do have (I have done this pretty well lately, but I'm holding onto some stuff I know I need to get rid of)

I tried. I did get rid of more than I brought in, so that is good. I have some more stuff to purge though. B.


For 2013:

I need to ramp up my weekend style (or lack there of). I'd like to look more pulled together when I'm not at work.

And, I want to continue to work on my skincare. I've been focusing on using more natural products over the last year, and yesterday I threw out any chemical laden products in my make up bag.

That's it. I'm limiting myself to 2 resolutions for my style.



Kate Spade

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I need to stop buying things just because I like them and really stop to think how they will fit with pieces I already have. I have a bad habit of making impulse purchases and then having many things that do not work together. That is my big goal for this year. 

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